Nomad Sculptor
Gordon Goulden 
"Put Your Hands Here...":An artist, living in Southern France, takes a trip of charity and finds himself enthralled, hesitantly abandoning everything for a mystical journey to Stonehenge with a gypsy---A wine buyer from the states wanders through the Iberian Peninsula in search of himself and finds an old fisherman, a teenage Spaniard, a woman vine tender and several dozen monks---A soul is split and a quatrain from Nostradamus is fulfilled---
This is Gordon's first published novel.  2002
From the Painted Stick: What if the motives of men and women were more than the result of upbringing or social standings?  Could hatred, as well as love, be kept and nurtured throughout lifetimes and over thousands of years?  In From the Painted Stick we are introduced to Pete, a man consumed by dreams of a time and a place before documented history. 
The Hog Hotel: In the midst of a midlife crisis and with the unlikely companionship of a Brahman priest reincarnated as an arthritic Siamese cat, Karl joins two wandering souls for a journey. Their travels start in St. Louis, Missouri, continue throughout Eastern Europe and eventually end in the year 3432 with the most outrageous art piece the worlds would ever see. The Hog Hotel becomes the crux of their journey. As business venture turns to international hot spot, true loves are revealed and old enemies creatively transfigured---All with the help of a striking Russian Countess and the unforgettable Siamese cat.
Gordon was an avid reader and logophile from a very young age.  He started writing stories in the 70's.  In 1995 he had completed  his first novel,The Hog Hotel, but for the next decade only friends had the opportunity to read the manuscript.  Before publishingThe Hog Hotel, he would publish two other novels through Trafford Publishing (Canada), Put your hands here... and From the Painted Stick.
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