Nomad Sculptor
Gordon Goulden 
Goulden Art Enterprises
Harmonics; Breakfast of Champions 2013
"After roughly thirty years of swimming in a fishbowl with the same images cropping up again and again in my work, I have set out to bury it all. The pyramid frame is stolen from Egyptian tomb symbolism and upon the four faces I have chained and secured the Matisse-like dancing figures and my original hieroglyphic symbols in a gesture to put them to rest. Going forward in the studio, I am attempting to explore a mosaic format in three dimensions. I pray the old steadfast images stay buried with the pyramid tomb I have constructed here.

For all the years I used the invented symbolism many of my friends and interested observers have asked me what they mean. The news, good or bad, is that I have no idea...They simply arrived over time out of my hand. Something interesting though...that very question has led me to executing a new story; The Jade Market of Billy Buddha, to be released in late 2013 or early 2014"   ~  Gordon

2013 Solo Show to be announced.